School Journal Listening Post:
Ready to Read Gold
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Something Very Scary
by Kathryn Renner
(Shared Book) (3:40)
Dragons! Dragons! Dragons!
by Feana Tu'akoi
(Shared Book) (3:24)
Red Rattlers
by Philippa Werry
Too Many Possums
by Kate Boyle
The White-tailed Spider
by Tina Johnson
The Greatest Race on Earth
by Bronwen Wall
by Waitangi Teepa
Extraordinary Earthworms
by Sean O'Connor
by Sean O'Connor
Blue Eggs
by John Dekker
Night is a Blanket
by Barbara Hill
E Ko, E Ko and Morning Chorus
by S. Melbourne
The Moon
(from the poem by Emily Dickenson) (0:50)
A Quiet Evening
by Johnny Frisbee
The Story Of Rona
by Fran & Leon Hunia
Three Little Billy Goats
by Clive Sansom
Undersea Gardens
by Julie Ellis
Sun Bears are Special
by Philippa Werry