School Journal Listening Post:
Ready to Read Orange
[click on the book]
Growing Pumpkins
by Shelley de Graaf
One at a Time
by Sian Williams
Mya's Finger
by Susan Paris
A Special Visit to Koro & Nanny
by Herehere Titoko
by Leigh Barrie
Two Homes
by Olivia Giles
by Jack Gabolinscy
Finding Tibs
by Sian Burling-Claridge
My Name is Laloifi
by Dan Taulapapa
Is that an Earthquake
by Alan Bagnall
The Hole in the King's Sock
by Dot Meharry
by Alan Bagnall
Mum's Octopus
by Don Long
A Very Clever Possum
by Vivienne Joseph
Number One
By Joy Cowley