School Journal Listening Post:
Ready to Read Yellow
[click on the book]
Where is Aunty?
by Susan Paris
Going Camping
by Elizabeth Pulford
Talking to Nanny
by Jo Carson-Barr
Are You Ready Rosie?
by Vanessa Hatley-Owen
A Busy Week
by Preeta Vyas
Dad's Snore
by Heather Lovich 
Watch Me!
by  Desna Wallace
My Dad
by Shane Haua
T-shirts - song
by Estelle Corney
by Estelle Corney
by Dot Meharry
Miss Pool is Cool
by Joy Cowley
Locked Out
by Julie Ellis
by Tracey Garner
Keep Trying
by Jane Buxton
The Gardener
by Dot Meharry
Off Went the Light
by Barbara Beveridge